State of the Critics

Awhile back, in the artdish forums there was a nice thread on the state of Art Criticism and blogs (in response to a Seattle Weekly story). Now this week the two worlds collide when Nate Lippens (our critic from the Stranger) and Steven Michael Vroom (writer of Vroom Journal and host of Art Radio Seattle) go toe to toe on the state of the arts and criticism in Seattle- check it out.

And speaking of, as Nate pointed out in his column this week, this coming Tuesday (7/12/05) the Rendezvous is hosting SH!TSTORM, which promises to be:

A no-holds-barred quarterly debate on the state of the Seattle cultural landscape, such as it is. July’s bone: All arts organizations in Seattle must be allowed to die with dignity.

Okay Seattle, I will drink to that.