Stranger Genius Awards

Portland rates a photo spread of their recent Jupiter Hotel Art Fair….in artnet.

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In a generous effort to encourage the arts in Seattle, The Stranger (one of our newspaper weeklies) has decided to annually pick 5 winners from a cross section of categories (theater, visual arts, writing, filmaking and an arts organization) and award the lucky souls a cash award of no-strings attached $5000.

So for the second year in a row, The Stranger publishes its Genius Awards issue, featuring a profile on each of their five winners from 2004. This year’s Visual Arts winner, which I’ve already gabbed about, is Victoria Haven- you can find a nice profile on her here.

They also run a list of 3 to keep your eyes on in each category- this year’s V.A. picks are Tim RodaElizabeth Jameson (one of my favorites) and Brian Murphy who is kind of the man about town this week with two exhibits up.

Last year’s winner Visual Arts winner was Susan Robb, who the Stranger reports is preparing for an upcoming exhibit in 2005.