The Florence Experiment

My sister, brother-in-law and nephew are currently on a whirl wind Europe tour-of-duty. When I read this I loved it so much I asked (my sister) Donna if I could post her experience….also because Carsten Höller.

We saw a lot of Renaissance art today, so it made sense to balance it by participating in a modern art project as well. Enter the Florence Experiment, a joint art and science effort studying the effects of humans on plants by strapping them to random humans and sending them down a giant enclosed slide. My plant got a dose of terror mixed with whee.

At the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Italy through August 26, 2018.
Daily including holidays 10.00-20.00, Thursdays 10.00-23.00 (that’s Military Time)

As per the project:
Carsten Höller is well-known for his work on the interaction between art, science and technology and for his installations focusing on strong visitor involvement. For this project he works with Stefano Mancuso, a founding father of the plant neurobiology, whose interest focuses on plant intelligence, analysing plants as complex beings endowed with astonishing sensitivity and with the capacity to communicate with their surrounding environment through the chemical compositions that they manage both to perceive and to emit.