The Inevitable Cycle of Gentrification…in China

“Then artists began to move in, attracted by cheap rents and stunning spaces.” – yes also in Beijing ( today’s NYT)
The Factory….798.

Here is a far more fleshed out story with accompanying visuals on the China Pictorial site. Does this sound familiar:

“Appearing first in Guangzhou and gradually shifting to Shanghai and Beijing, the Loft-Living Phenomenon has represented the accumulation and maturation of youth culture in this new era. “

Life is Elsewhere is a Chinese art blog out of Beijing. Song Li says it’s just from an ordinary Chinese person, yet I am appreciative she is going to the trouble of writing in English. I’m at a complete loss when I pull up a site such as this. (found via jill/txt who asks the interesting questions about Western formatting).

Tonight is the unofficial kick off of the Fall art season here in town with the free Opening Night Gala for the Visual Art exhibits at Bumbershoot. I am bummed I will not be able to attend.