The life of a museum guard

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the just cynical enough installments from Todd Gibson’s From the Floor, where he discusses his life as a docent.

Artnet just featured Eve Wood’s account of being a security guard at the Santa Monica Museum of Art and I came across this Time Out New York report from a MET night watchman who details the unthinkable: “What’s the weirdest thing you encountered while working there?”

When I was young and naive I thought being a museum guard would be the most perfect job, just standing there all day, responsibility free except the occasional “step back from the art” comment. I once even spent an entire day trolling around the MET to see if there were actually any woman guards hired, which by the end of the day was affirmative. I have since heard standing looking out into the air, dead silent all day every day is excruciating., a Swiss art web portal?

Very nice-a redesign for Bare and Bitter Sleep.