The MAN summer challenge


A summer top ten: this is hard ,like asking what your favorite color is- chartreuse? Red, no blue.

Off the top of my head:

1. Susan Rothenberg– lovely paint- I’ll defend her to the death.

2. Philip Guston– lighting votives to him right now.

3.William Kentridge – beautiful, beautiful drawing.

4. Diebenkorn– in my blood & my brain. the reason I started writing about art.

5. Alice Neel– I wish I was her.

6. Neo Rauch – kick ass

7. Goya – his chapel in Madrid was my religious experience, enough said.

8. Egon Schiele– chills

9 .Ed and Nancy Kienholz – persistent honesty

10.Gustave Klimt – his landscapes kill me.

but how can I leave out DeKoonig, Matisse, Park, Olivera, Velazquez, Appelbroog, Winters,Rembrandt, Thiebaud, the Sausalito Six and….Beckman.

And all the young kids: Manteos, Ritchie, Sillman, Heffernan, Richard-Lukucs, Brown , it could go on and on and with no time to spell check.

[mondo art- this is a funny page I just stumbled upon–makes me feel nostalgic for things I don’t even know about. ]