Tiki Art Now! at the Shooting Gallery

san francisco 9.17

Here is a small gallery of snapshots I took at a gallery opening I went to last Friday at The Shooting Gallery.

This was a crammed to the earlobes event for the exhibit: Tiki Art Now!. I hardly pretend to know everything about San Francisco, but the theme seemed pretty appropriate considering SF boasts an amazing still in tact Tiki lounge in the Fairmont Hotel called the Tongo Room (which I imagine is considered by the locals a huge tourist trapezoid, but I like it)– and allegedly originated those now defunct Tiki theme restaurants (Trader Vic’s).

I had been eating dinner in the general area and thought it would be fun to see what goes on at a Friday night gallery opening in S.F. I missed navigating myself to any other galleries during my visit, so I am glad I popped in.


I saw a few of those heinous “I Left My Heart” sculptures littering sidewalks. One included for referential purposes.