Two Evas

Last week, while Eva Lake and I were chatting and discussing various things during her visit, she asked me why I was taking a break from writing. In the moment I had problems articulating my reasons, although I knew there were many. So as a prod, I decided to resurrect a project I‘d intended for this past winter that never came to pass—which is posting all the notes I had taken during my trip last December. I came across this passage last night, which bemused me, perhaps the name similarities are a coincidence, or perhaps they are not:

Friday, 12.09.05 2:03 AM

Here’s a story for you. A woman, named Eva Hesse journeyed to Germany (her returned homeland) for a year –with her husband to make art. He was the well known (although we don’t remember his name now) and she was the sidecar for the trip.

For months she could make nothing. It was horrible. She was a painter but finally she started playing around with the materials left over in the industrial site. Her work changed forever after this moment and there are smiling, happy photos of her exhibition in a German greenhouse.

After their time was up, Eva was able to bring her work back with her. Her husband who made huge sculptures was unable to bring the cost-prohibitive pieces back. Her short life proceeded to increase in her ability to make art, his we are not sure…

I need to read Eva again. Last winter, right at this time she was my touchstone. I think it would be important if I went to the library again. I found their art book section again today, yet the modernistas were represented by Egon Schiele and also Renoir comes to mind. I didn’t see many contemporary artists. However, I don’t know many Icelandic artists. Strangely, and this is probably a good thing—my visual landscape is bereft of any art books. Influence free.