Some kind person, a couple of days ago left comments regarding the new and updated Haze Gallery website. Talk about full service site, I am disappointed I wasn’t able to catch the Chandra Bocci show.

My friend Scott last night asked me, “why so many trips to Portland- you’re moving there aren’t you”.

No, no, no, I love my lovely broken and battered Seattle too much. However, I am immensely enjoying having a crush on Portland at the moment. For about a months time when I was throwing the dart in the air of where to move to after New York, I was convinced Portland would be my new home even though I didn’t know a single soul there. However Seattle won out and I am glad to be back. I do have a lot more to say about Portland- at the moment figuring out what is going on down there is like a treasure hunt, lots of good stuff. For instance, on the Haze site look down a few entries and check out Bruck Conkle. And Bruce Conkle here. And please read this hilarious interview between Conkle and Portland’s own Jeff Jahn.

Speaking of my friend Scott, he is in the midst of pre-show chaos as the moment, getting ready for an exhibit at Gallery 110 next week, where he will display his lovely sculpture.

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May I direct your eyes to an exquisite update from Yvette today over at Kneetoe.