Future Beauty

Made it to the last day of Future Beauty .

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If I was still thinking about making clothes I would have elbowed my way up to the garments for further inspection but enjoyed them strictly as a passerby.

I was glad to see the exhibit, but the layout at SAM was hard to follow. I almost missed the room I enjoyed the most with the wallpaper (hiding behind a scrim of fashion shows).
Part of me couldn’t help thinking the video footage of runway shows was unnecessary. The super tall models seemed not quite right with the interesting construction, especially Rei Kawakubo, with the padded elements  falling into that category.

I spent the end of last summer learning to sew. I felt like I was making sculpture, and these clothes, especially afore-mentioned Kawakubo dignified that concept.

I made it to the exhibit the last day before it gets packed off to the Peabody. I would love to see more contemporary shows in Seattle.

What is this? (dangerouschunky wayback machine)


From roughly 2/2001-2/2006 I kept a hit or miss web site called dangerouschunky.com* commenting on art making, New York and Seattle and occasional obsessions that veered away from any real path. A pun really, I consider this collection my own Wayback Machine. After combing their archives I am still dumbfounded to see all this stuff still out there on the WWW.

*domain has since been purchased by an auto detailer after I let it lapse