Always Keep the T-shirts

Things you can get mad at yourself about.
I used to have a Dawn Cerney t-shirt but then it became too small and now it is gone. I bought it at the Henry Art Gallery when they used to have a shop, so now it additionally would have been an souvenir of times gone by. Here’s an interview with Joey Veltkamp from 2009 regarding the body of work this t-shirt was attached to. Dawn is currently in a two-person / two-gallery exhibit at Studio e (in conjunction with Season) right now in a show titled The Perfume Counter, and it is a marvel (seriously, go see it).

Here’s one of her recent pieces below:

I am going to Didi Herron’s art show this Friday and there will be t-shirts there based on her paintings.

I like this concept: always have t-shirts at your art opening. I hope I will make t-shirts when the time comes.

Incidentally I haven’t seen Didi since art school five million years ago but I am really excited to see her recent work. She always had beautiful paint handling and personally she was my favorite colorist (i.e. I liked what she did with all of the colors).

Here are the exhibit details:

More Didi paintings: Self Portrait, 3×3


Animal Farm, oil on canvas, 18×24, 2019