April 16, 2001


I went to my corner Pakistani run deli tonight on an emergency TP run, and found this. All displayed with a handmade “2 for 50 cents” sign. What the fuck you may say. 4 rolls purchased.

What a stinking week, and that is no pun intended.

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I was glad today to see a few kind words of thought for Joey Ramone on a couple of my favorite sites, especially Dangerous Monkey and DAM, who voiced my sentiments exactly. There is something inherently sad about his passing, and it is hard not to feel your own gone-by-the wayside youth. I flashed back to my own memory of listening to my first Ramones album in 8-track form,and that was when they were selling them, brand new still in the wrapper.

“The format of all early Ramones are made for 8-track. No songs are cut in the middle for program changes, and since they’re so short in the first place, you can listen to the whole thing in a spare 31:05. Also available on this 8-track is “Carbonna Not Glue”, which was taken off the LP early on in the run due to its ‘controversial’ drug message. It is a great song. Some would argue that ‘Rocket to Russia’ or the ‘Ramones’ is better. No question all three would belong in the 8-track hall of fame. The Ramones sound great on even the cheapest portable 8-track player and the carts even now are not the hardest to find of 8-tracks, thanks to Sire Records’ (GRT Tapes) distribution. “

8 Track Heaven