The Back Story

People frequently ask me what the name of the site means. Originally it was meant as a prank on my friend who was working at the Online Journalism Review back in the late 90s and had launched his now long gone blog dangerousmonkey.

I’ve had this site since February 2000, when I lived in NYC, slogging away at a day job, trying to make art and blogging was just getting its legs.

Writing is an essential part of my practice and I’ve maintained this place as a space to keep track of my studio activities, works in progress, inspirational fragments and bits of information that strike my fancy. The archives are currently in the process of being recovered from various now retired places on the web thanks to the Wayback Machine.

It’s been a sporadic place since then for me to organize my thoughts on the art world, making art, shows I’ve seen,  moving with me to Seattle in 2002 and now in 2020 moving to Connecticut.

Somehow it has survived and I still have the desire to write about art and artmaking.